A Consignment Sale for
Women's, Men's and Junior's Clothes...and much more!
And now...baby/kids clothing and accessories!

***Vendor Options***

We love to support other local businesses. If you have a business that you'd like to advertise, we can help. For $25.00, we will give out your fliers, brochures or business cards. You will need to provide us with at least 250 pieces of advertisement and we'll get them into the hands of our customers! Its a win-win for everyone!  Contact us at info@cleanclosetconsignments.com to register as a vendor.

Late Summer/Fall/Winter 2014

Thursday, July 31 (consignor pre-sale) 6-9PM
Friday, August 1  - 10-7PM
Saturday, August 2 - 9-7PM
Sunday, August 3 - 1-5PM
Monday, August 4 10-7PM
Tuesday, August 5 - 10-7PM RESTOCK
Wednesday, August 6 - 10-6PM
Thursday, August 7 - 10-6PM (6-8 PM 1/2 off sale for consignors)
Friday, August 8 (1/2 off sale to public) - 10-7PM
Saturday, August 9 (1/2 off sale to public) - 9-5PM; 5-7PM $Dollar Dash

In an effort to help our customers as school is beginning, we are having our regular Fall/Winter sale during the late summer months. We realize we will still have warm weather at this time of year. Therefore, summer clothing will be accepted but limited to 50 pieces. Please select your best summer items for this sale. Please also read the instructions in the drop-off section re: drop-off of these items. 

Clean Closet Consignments will be held in the same location at 9200 Hwy. 278, Covington. This is the Old Walmart/Ingles shopping center on Hwy. 278 in Covington.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us using the tab on the right or at info@cleanclosetconsignments.com We look forward to working with each of you again. Start spreading the word!


RESTOCK DAY - August 5
New items will arrive!!!

Click here for the restock tagging document.

$$Dollar Dash$$has arrived!
On the final day of the sale, all items that are marked for donation
will be sold for $1.00! 
 How amazing is that?

In the past few years, we both have been trying to discover a way to really make a difference in our community. We wanted to do something that we were proud of and could help others in need. Deeply rooted in our Christian beliefs, we feel that we are very fortunate women. God has blessed us richly with great husbands, children, family and health. We couldn't ask for more! But this feeling of wanting "more" just wouldn't go away for either of us. Neither of has the feeling of wanting more possessions, nor more wealth. We just want to do something that helps somebody else.

I have a knack for administration and organization. Cindy has a passion for helping others. As we talked to each other about our talents, we discovered that an adult consignment sale would be a way that we could start a business that we could grow and develop. It would also allow us to help others that needed extra money and nice clothes, without having to spend too much. Having a new wardrobe can do wonders for a person's self-esteem - man or woman!

We thank you for your support as a consignor or sponsor. Please know that your contribution means more to us that you can imagine. With your help, we will hopefully be changing the lives of many people in our area.

In God's love,

Cindy and Staci
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